Gifted artist mixes photography, drawing and one heck of an imagination


The man responsible for these ingenious works of art, Ben Heine, is well known for his unique visual creations and outstanding sense of humor. Over the last few years, his works have begun to populate art galleries and museums from Brussels and London to Turkey, Romania and South Korea. Here are few of his Pencil Vs Camera works of art. pencilvscamera15 pencilvscamera16 pencilvscamera17 pencilvscamera18 Pencil Vs Camera pencilvscamera20 pencilvscamera21 pencilvscamera22 pencilvscamera23 pencilvscamera24 pencilvscamera25 pencilvscamera28 pencilvscamera29 pencilvscamera30 lead3 pencilvscamera1 pencilvscamera2 pencilvscamera3 pencilvscamera4 pencilvscamera5 pencilvscamera6 pencilvscamera7 pencilvscamera8 pencilvscamera9 pencilvscamera10 pencilvscamera11 pencilvscamera13 pencilvscamera14


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