Martin De Pasquale the king of photoshop

In life, there are those who try photoshop and some even live there and those who really send the pony steak per pack of 12. Martin De Pasquale is among those it, as well as Erik Johansson Alberto Seveso or other kings photomontage photoshop.

Photomontages are so accurate and of such quality that feels like a fantasy. Different styles but the ball running. Hats off for his achievements.

photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-21 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-32 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-30 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-31 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-33 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-28 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-27 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-14 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-12 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-4 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-26 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-2 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-6 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-19 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-10 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-5 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-1 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-7 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-16 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-18 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-15 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-13 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-11 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-9 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-8 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-17 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-25 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-24 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-23 photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-22

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