Shotkit Explores What’s Inside Popular Photographers Camera Bags

When you eat a delicious meal at a restaurant, do you find yourself wanting to know what kind of pots and pans the chef used to prepare it? How about when you see a beautiful water colour, are you eager to find out what kind of paint brush the artist used? Isn’t it strange how the first thing people want to know when they see an amazing photograph is what camera was used to take it?!


It was with this in mind that I created Shotkit, a site which showcases the work of some of the world’s most popular photographers, and what they carry in their camera bags. It may not be the most original idea in the world, but I hope that the design and content of the site will help to make it the #1 resource for photography enthusiasts interested in the gear used to create amazing photographers.

I tried to create an aesthetic similar to a fashion magazine with Shotkit, uncluttered and visually appealing. Photographers can be a critical bunch, so the appearance of the site was paramount to its success. In addition, I encourage photographers to spend time on their write-ups and ‘Shotkit’ photos in particular. Some of them are doing some really cool things!

Shotkit also features impartial camera gear reviews and exclusive interviews, giving you a one-stop shop for all your photography related yearnings. Join the community at

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