18 Revealing Before-And-After VFX Shots From Your Favorite Movies And TV Series

We all know that movie and TV producers use VFX (short for visual effects), but you’ll be surprised to learn just how extensively they’re used to create movie magic! These photos reveal just how much your favorite shows and movies rely on the magic of VFX.

Green-screens aren’t always green – they are also often blue, but they can technically be of any color, as long as this color is not being worn by any of the actors. When these scenes are recorded, the green-screen color is digitally selected and made transparent by special software. If the color selected was one also being worn by the actors, they would appear to have had holes punched right through them!

The Walking Dead

Source: lombok.com

Life of Pi

Source: bussinessinsider.com

Source: lombok.com

Game Of Thrones

Source: pizzadeonshare

The Secret In Their Eyes

Source: lombok.com

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Source: bussinessinsider.com

Boardwalk Empire

Source: Vimeo

Deadly Honeymoon

Source: lombok.com

The Great Gatsby

Source: bussinessinsider.com

Source: aeromental.com

Oz, the Great and Powerful

Source: hollywoodreporter.com

The Avengers

Source: alternativeart.com

District 9

Source: foxrenderfarm.com


Source: bussinessinsider.com

Ugly Betty

Source: lombok.com

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Source: hollywoodlife.com

The Dark Knight

Source: entretenimento.com

Grey’s Anatomy

Source: Youtube


Source: lombok.com

Alice In Wonderland

Source: Youtube

The Hobbit

Source: Youtube

Via : boredpanda.com


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