Works in cut paper Eiko Ojala




Spotlight on Eiko Ojala , illustrator, graphic designer and art director living in Tallinn, Estonia. I propose today to admire the carvings / collages of brilliant simplicity …

0d66edd024437c5b1dd34bb12eb5ab2a 15aed8fdf1c0a5f9065490d39d3e3626 289f9bfce52b288242207ee14d2a7849 2547eefa235568fe9dfdbf5af64c5fb8 77158c4e5433ebc153ce7af835b02d45 91051b26effb7023e8f985865d9ec4c8 a5eef2017e459e52bdd8d3a728606337 c3f645c6fb49961a9feac5c7eedb6490 c51a72a7e5eae6346b2d196148113686 d3de07a4fcfaf474904c1214c1dd324e f201643f31c9cd8922d015b4cb0f8b63 fc9304cf96c6a60fa0aa10b4bad6e1c6


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