Werder Tomato vegetables makes less scary

  • Werder Tomato together with Scholz & Friends created a print ad in which talk about what makes their ketchup vegetables less scary. We decided to look for stuff about this. Just a year ago, a survey was conducted 3.5 million people. People asked what foods, vegetables and fruits are most afraid of consumers in their appearance? First place won by a large margin watermelon – it was called the most terrifying 64% of respondents. Explaining his choice, respondents most often referred to “camouflage color” cover, “reminiscent of the armed conflict.” In addition, it was found that watermelon scares consumers and cut video, associating with the “blood-red gaping mouth monster.” took second position cilantro. More than 40% of survey participants reported that they hear about this product for the first time, and they are afraid of the unknown. Completing the top three most dreaded products dumplings. Approximately one third of the respondents admitted to this product merciless monsters of his nightmares. Also in the top five most dreaded products also hit canapes of black bread with chopped eggs and ham (“evokes memories of international terrorism”), lemon jelly (“causes worry about career”) and beets (“embodiment of seasonal depression”).


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