Here in FuriaMag we have published several photographic series capturing those faithful friends who brighten our lives, through:  Dogs Underwater Seth Casteel , Dogs Caught Shaking Water by Carli Davidson , The Pets with Disabilities by Carli Davison the exploits of  Maddie: The Perrita Equilibrista   and others that will not tire of posting.

This time the turn is for Elke Vogelsang  (of  Wieselblitz  fotografie), a professional photographer based in Hildesheim, Germany, who also make a living taking pictures of people and pets, devotes his free time to capture beautiful portraits of her three  dogs  Noodles, Scouts and Loli in a fun and wonderful series that has been titled  “All the good dogs “.

“We have always had dogs in our family and my mother is a photography enthusiast. So I always had a camera with me at all school trips and holidays.Therefore, dogs and photography have always played an important role in my life … “says Vogelsang.

Vogelsang is very interesting to try to predict their behavior and see how you can translate an idea into a photograph with them, given their three dogs are very different, what does remain clear is that in every picture she manages to reflect the character, energy and playful personality of each.  Enjoy!

Via:  500px –  dailymail


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