Moroccan Traditions Icons | Flat

Be reduced to an icon in the culture of the country something amazing .. Most astounding is the diversity of the culture of this country, a charming touch and craftsmanship make it stunned admiration for the artist who did this work .. Yassin Hamdan excelled again in highlighting the culture of his country on the one hand, and his mastery on the other hand … inspired yourself:




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bec8cf5aceb05ef4e45af67e32cb6122e6add31b14205b5f25c26f9ba2d1768f ed5a24c52321b84f297f7ffb2a4f9480

ff1afaebfd8155360d8106b0de4e8d6d f9d819e1786d75f21d8efc02557ecac7 842d6c89b2aefddefd8898320113b8f1

Creativaclub-Moroccan culture



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