Illustrator Find a Creative Way To Avoid Boredom on the Train

October Jones is an illustrator and writer based in the UK, who has devised a creative way to pass time on the train while traveling to work. Jones heads draws cartoons on sticky notes, which coincide with the body of unsuspecting passengers traveling with him, making them part of a series of funny characters it shares with its more than 75,000 followers on Twitter. ( @ OctoberJones )

Jones is known the series Tumblr ” Texts From Dog ” , where your dog sends messages funny text, which was recently published as a separate book entitled:  “Texts From Dog: The Dog Delusion” , available for purchase here Enjoy!

October-Jones-01 October-Jones-02 October-Jones-03 October-Jones-04 October-Jones-05 October-Jones-06 October-Jones-07 October-Jones-08 October-Jones-09 October-Jones-10 October-Jones-11 October-Jones-12 October-Jones-13 October-Jones-14 October-Jones-15 October-Jones-16 October-Jones-17


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