A Collection Of Cool And Colorful Typography Designs You’ll Love

Typography Design is an art of turning letters and words into impressive visual artworks that are capable of catching our attention in one glimpse. Typography is also a very effective technique that enhances our words and helps its message to be understood better. It can come in different lines and curves, various sizes, thickness, and colors. With these many options, artists are able to come up with amazing designs that boost the visual characteristics of the letters, words, and sentences.
Kirill Richert is a Russian-based artist who loves to draw and illustrate and is behind the designs below. In his works, he evidently shows his passion and enjoyment for his amazing styles; and his love for the sea, sun, and surfing. Also, in his other designs, he impressively combines some of his eye-catching typography designs to pictures that further express the message of the typography. Scroll down and have fun in his attention-grabber designs. Come, take a peek, and enjoy.

1-keep-it-real 2-chill-out 3-fly-or-die 4-love 5-jatiti-pro 6-ocean 7-enjoy 8-fly-or-die-surf 10-summer-time 11-surf-lager 12-surf-up 13-set-free 14-wild-style 15-shaka 16-autumn 17-burn-down-babylon 18-dont-forget-to-smile 19-scut-carlos 20-rich 21-fire-tiger 22-keep-calm-be-free 23-atlanta 24-kaiup 25-hawaii 25-miami 27-enjoy-life

Check out Kirill Richert on his portfolio. You can share what you think on his works by leaving a comment below.

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