20 Creative Holiday Cards 2013

‘Tis the season for sharing joy and good tidings with all those around you. What better way to reach out to family, friends, co-workers, and dear ones near and far than with a good old-fashioned holiday card?

Christmas is the time of year when people ditch email and text communications and revert to old-school snail mail. But that doesn’t have to mean just a pen and paper. There are some wonderful Christmas cards out there with design work that dazzles. Here are some wonderful cards that will delight and inspire you and your loved ones this holiday season.

Reindeer Card

reindeer card 20 Creative Holiday Cards

Have fun with shapes and sizes! This small square card with a reindeer peeking out the window is a great example of thinking outside the box.

Christmas & New Years Card

christmas new years card 20 Creative Holiday Cards

This card offers a simple and fun greeting, great for friends and colleagues. A black globe set against a red wrapping-paper background sets the perfect festive and classic tone, along with the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year message.

Burlap Holiday Card

aa0a8b95e4b5aa8f9b6998292d02ca561 20 Creative Holiday Cards

We’re a fan of this cool burlap and chevron card, done up in 3D with lots of different materials to decorate the card front. The HO (to the 3rd power) is a nice touch, too.

PolkaDot Holiday Card

polkadot holiday card 20 Creative Holiday Cards

For the extra crafty, here’s a thinlit circle Christmas card that includes a rotating cutout circle along with different patterns (polka dots? Yes, please!) and a bedazzled Christmas tree.

Watercolor Christmas Card

christmas cards 2 preview 1 f1 20 Creative Holiday Cards

Sometimes Christmas calls for a little watercolor design. This set of watercolor Christmas cards is a fun departure from the classic reds and greens of traditional Christmas cards.

Typography Styled Holiday Card

75b87a6f6f22cddf7574692044def5221 20 Creative Holiday Cards

Typography lovers will dig this font-friendly card. It’s made from a file folder and includes all kinds of goodies on top of the cool fonts-on-chalkboard look.

Apron Holiday Card

790a980874a0277c55130ec7604624151 20 Creative Holiday Cards

If you’re into cooking or kitchen-time, these adorable apron cards might be just the right way to go. You can slip a candy cane into the front pouch for an extra sweet treat.

Mittens Holiday Card

ff9fba05bb43dca1ff00480859048ce61 20 Creative Holiday Cards

What’s better than a card with a picture of mittens on it? A card with clothespinned pictures of real mittens on it! This one has a cool embossed background as well.

Lettered Christmas Cards

creativemarket christmas happy kraft f1 20 Creative Holiday Cards

These cards use wonderful Christmas-y typography to convey merry messages and best wishes for the new year. The stylized backgrounds give it an extra cool effect.

Merry – Holiday Card

287194708c271fff91bd6ef457a2af7a1 20 Creative Holiday Cards

How cute are these Christmas stripes and stars tied together with a white ribbon, red button and candy cane thread? Pretty freaking cute.

Window Holiday Card

2093e3cf99b75eef20f3133064c4132a1 20 Creative Holiday Cards

This card steps up the creativity factor a few notches. Says the creator: “The background is inked with 2 different colors to give it a glowy orange/yellow. The Christmas tree is stamped with green ink and heat set with clear embossing power to give it a glossy look. The tree ornaments is decorated using Viva Decor Pearl Pens. The window has a clear acetate with stamped snowflakes to make it look realistic” Overall effect: awesome.

White Flower Holiday Card

6434126b8a94b38896e63094256717601 20 Creative Holiday Cards

If you like to go the understated route, try this white embossed design on vellum card stock.

Warm Wishes Holiday Card

8d6db5b81b4a72081c8bad669315ca7f1 20 Creative Holiday Cards

We like this lovely pale blue card accentuated with snowflakes, a ribbon tie and a cut out snowglobe jar with a fabric top.

Tree Holiday Card

fc55f99fd1988cdde51e1f0101e8d1861 20 Creative Holiday Cards

This one is about as elegant as they come. The tree etchings exude the chill of a cold, wintry day and the warmth of a friendly greeting.

Very Married Christmas

275d8c28131549bd6aa229736fdefaa71 20 Creative Holiday Cards

Why not combine a wedding announcement with a Christmas wish? This classic black and white photo card does just that.

Baby Card

fdfab8db03963a126078f6270eb2a3f01 20 Creative Holiday Cards

Sometimes everybody just wants to see pictures of cute babies sleeping. If you have one, it is guaranteed to make a great Christmas card.

Skyline Christmas Cards

abcb69909487a8d65041c9a7d8ee78821 20 Creative Holiday Cards

Do you live in a city with a recognizable skyline or landmark? Chances are there are Christmas cards that feature them.

Holiday Card Set

preview christmas card f1 20 Creative Holiday Cards

These awesome designs serve as the basis for your custom-tailored cards. Use the background and add in your own individual messages!

Photo Holiday Card

b3c1355264ab0547df5f35350ada6c9d1 20 Creative Holiday Cards

If you managed to snap a great holiday shot of a family member, put a simple frame on it and turn it into a beautiful Christmas card!

Cheers Holiday Card

38b83db28fa42b45c0189f3513cdfb0b1 20 Creative Holiday Cards

Like to keep it simple? One word cards can do the trick! Try Cheers! Or Joy! Or Merry! Or…you get the picture.

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