Photographs of the artist Nour Eddine El Ghoumari celebrates the faces of Morocco and Egypt

Select the artist Photography Moroccan  Nour Eddine El Ghoumari  to focus in his work that was embraced by the exhibition organizer in one of the galleries in Rabat on the faces of ordinary people and took Ghemari images that features a mostly black and white between the years 1993 and 2006 for the uppers of the general public in the cities of Moroccan, Egyptian and focused images of Morocco to the birthplace of the artist in one of outskirts of the city of Taza, northeastern Morocco, as well as the cities of Tetouan and Chefchaouen north of the country, including the image of the “traveler between Tangier, Taza” and “Agheiathi” and “aunt Fatima” and the game of “connective” and “mother and her son the image of Egyptian I took from the cities of Luxor and Alexandria, where he continued his studies university after studying other university in London where he currently resides, including pictures of “smoker” and “restored the temple” and “Miss Egyptian indicates Ghemari that his passion for photography began in his early childhood when he found in the house of his family camera in black and white, and that understand how they work even quicker to the city Aejrebha in the first picture still retains some of which is Jafar sane president of the Moroccan art of photography in a statement of the island that “Ghemari is characterized by high professionalism, and the image viewer’s eye and wondered evokes
Movements of childhood

The Nur al-Din Ghemari participated in several international exhibitions in Britain, Japan, Ukraine and Egypt
He won several international awards, particularly the prize for best photographer of the year in Britain, as was the case for two consecutive years the gold medal for best picture (portrait) in the Arab world.

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