25 Digital Military Portraits from Replace Face Project by Steve Payne

Replaceface is an beautiful digital painting project by Steve Payne.
George Dawe was an English portrait artist who painted 329 portraits of Russian generals active during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia for the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Steve Payne was using digital copies of these paintings as a basis for my own work which involves incorporating my friends, family and even some celebrities into the paintings using photoshop.
ABout painting: A quality canvas in a stunning ornate frame Choice of black, white, silver or gold frame Printed on 360gsm natural archival canvas UV archival pigment inks for outstanding results Fine art trade recommended satin varnish finish.

Steve Payne: I’m pleased to say that the Celebrity Russian General portraits can be purchased from
my photoboxgallery. The original images are large and detailed and although this is digital art, when printed onto canvas and with a suitably ornate gold frame, they do look quite impressive. The canvas texture makes the print look like an actual oil painting.
For seeing female face portraits, visit his facebook page




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